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Julia Cushion

Julia Cushion, Interim Senior Manager

VRP Consulting took the time to listen and understand our business. They translated this into exactly what we were looking for. A once obscure process is now streamlined and everyone has visibility.”

Julia Cushion, Interim Senior Manager

The Challenge

Hope for the Future was using legacy systems that consumed significant admin time and provided little insight into the effectiveness of their fundraising and in particular, lobbying. Without an easy way to track their lobbying activities, they were unable to truly understand what was working and what was not.

The Wish

They wished to transform their entire operation onto the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Key areas included configuring features for fundraising, program management and grant administration, as well as a tailored process to track, manage and analyze lobbying.


Unified platform

With UK parliament

Lobbying processes

The Solution

VRP expertly configured their Nonprofit Success Pack using best practices, tailored to meet these specific requirements. A custom lobbying configuration provides lobbying targets and matches supporters via their postcode. Records of lobbying messages, responses and relevant votes are collected and can be displayed in reports. These provide quick insights into lobbying efforts and track changes in MP engagement. Standard fundraising and grant management features were also implemented to provide a single solution to manage all core aspects of Hope for the Future's mission.

The Stages

Hope for the Future's Salesforce.org implementation was part of VRP Consulting's QuickStart initiative: a program to help businesses and nonprofits move onto the Salesforce platform fast and see immediate returns. The VRP team conducted the entire project remotely from discovery to deployment with regular demos to incorporate feedback during development.

VRP Consultants first configured standard NPSP functionality before moving on to the lobbying process. To reduce admin overhead, UK Parliament data was automatically updated, including information regarding MPs in order to match constituents via postcodes. Once the foundation was in place, custom reports were configured to show the effectiveness of key aspects of Hope for the Future's work including fundraising, grant applications and lobbying. To ensure full adoption and a reduced time to value, dedicated user acceptance testing and training workshops were given throughout the project.

    • The Result

      Hope for the Future now has a unified platform to manage their whole operation, from fundraising to lobbying. These new workflows and automations have eliminated a string of manual tasks and provided deeper insights into the effectiveness of every initiative.

    • Company Profile

      Hope for the Future is a climate charity that works to equip communities, groups and individuals across the UK to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians. Its vision is to see communities and their elected representatives across the UK come together to take decisive action on climate change.

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