W2 Onboarder

A human resources company creates an innovative new product and brings it to market

  • Platform
    Experience Cloud, Docusign
    PDO engagement creating a federal document signing solution and readying it for market
  • Location
    North America
  • Industry
    Human Resources
Steve Weiner

Steve Weiner, President

“I value VRP's commitment to understanding our business challenge of adding new employees to a company's workforce in an easy, secure, and compliant way. VRP’s focus on creating a superior experience for users and preserving customer data security and privacy, and their expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem, all contribute to the success of W2 Onboarder.”

Steve Weiner, President

The Challenge

W2 Onboarder had a revolutionary idea: a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to radically streamline how customers’ employees complete federal forms, and the distribution of state-specific new hire paperwork and employer checklists to ensure correct and compliant hiring practices. They needed an experienced Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) partner with the relevant Salesforce expertise and resources to build this product and bring it to market in the Salesforce AppExchange. 

The Wish

The solution would need to access Salesforce data and integrate a third-party document signing service (DocuSign), enabling each individual customer’s use of it while maintaining W2 Onboarder’s “master” relationship with the service provider. It also needed to partially pre-populate certain documents, including the Form W-4, with relevant employee data for a faster and easier onboarding experience. 


<10 minutes

to distribute and complete vital new hire paperwork

Seamlessly integration

with DocuSign and all customer Salesforce orgs

High-level security

meeting Salesforce and regulatory standards

100% scalable

and extensible solution ready for future growth

The Solution

VRP devised and built a multilayered solution integrating all required Salesforce orgs with one DocuSign account and safeguarding against security risks and data leakage. The two-component solution featured a Salesforce-based package handling employee access, based in a Salesforce community, and reporting functionality for HR. The second part was a Java-based middleware routing server enabling the many orgs to interact with the DocuSign account seamlessly and securely. The solution was made to ensure scalability and extensibility, and VRP also designed its data model from scratch and ensured it would address data sharing/privacy concerns and meet Salesforce’s stringent security requirements. 

The Stages

Working closely with the W2 Onboarder team, VRP conducted workshops to produce flow charts for the solution’s process, mockups of community pages, and solution prototypes. At the end of this design and development phase, VRP had built an initial version of the solution. W2 Onboarder reviewed the initial version and suggested changes including alterations to content and suggestions for a better user experience.

VRP then prepared the package to pass Salesforce’s famously stringent security review. Finally, VRP advised W2 Onboarder on how to manage the AppExchange listing and maximize its exposure via marketing materials, demos, test drives and ensuring visitors’ journeys had minimal click-throughs. Additionally, VRP created a set of videos that would instruct new users on how to use the solution. 

    • The Result

      Our client now has a fully marketable product that meets Salesforce’s high standards and is safeguarded against risk. It achieves W2 Onboarder’s desired goals for its customers throughout the United States, and has the capability to be scaled and evolved to accommodate future growth and functionality. VRP’s PDO expertise and ability to provide a dedicated team meant the project was completed with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and transparency. Moving forward, this client can rely on our Managed Services practice to provide continual assistance, as well as VRP Professional Services to help their customers with package installation if necessary. They have everything they need to make their product a success.

    • Company Profile

      W2 Onboarder helps HR professionals to onboard new employees in an easy, secure, compliant way. Organizations can add one new employee or thousands of new hires depending on their needs, using a pre-built, standard process or creating a customized onboarding system for their business that includes company-specific new-hire documents.

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