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Gains a single source of donor data to optimize fundraising

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The Challenge

The Georgia Red Cross Society was looking to gain a 360 degree view of their donors to optimize their fundraising efforts. Although they had a Salesforce platform, they weren't using it as it hadn't been configured to match their processes and needs.

The Wish

The Georgia Red Cross Society wished for a single source of truth for their donor data, integration of their email marketing, landing pages and payment gateway data. By connecting the disparate systems, they would be able to enhance their fundraising campaigns with personalized messages as well as utilizing automation and AI. Dashboards and reports were also required to gain insights into donor & campaign trends to guide strategy.



Single Source of Truth

200 000


14 000

Registered volunteers

The Solution

The VRP Consulting team configured a new Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) instance, customized to match the Georgia Red Cross Society's processes and integrated with the key tools they used: iRaiser and Mailchimp. These integrations connected their landing pages, payment gateways and email campaigns with their centralized donor data enabling automated target donation campaigns. The new central source of donor data also powers their reports and dashboards, providing insights into both overall campaign effectiveness as well as individual asset performance.

The Stages

To mitigate risks, the project was split into two sprints. The first implemented Georgia Red Cross's NPSP instance and integrated with Mailchimp for email engagement tracking and the second integrating with iRaiser, enabling donation tracking in NPSP. Dashboards and reports were created to provide insights into key metrics as well as a custom Google alerts app to alert users to relevant news as soon as it happens. The VRP team provided regular updates via email and demo calls, ensuring development matched the client's needs, ensuring refinements were included.

One such refinement was the creation of custom email templates for the Georgia Red Cross that was not in the original scope but emerged as a need. Once both sprints were complete, the VRP team conducted user acceptance testing, ensuring the end-to-end solution functioned properly and met their needs. Due to the ongoing communication process during the implementation sprints, no major revisions were needed, ensuring the Georgia Red Cross Society could take advantage of their new solution as planned.

    • The Result

      The Georgia Red Cross Society now has a single source of donor data enabling them to increase the effectiveness of their fundraising campaigns. By connecting email campaign responses with one-time and recurring donation tracking, they can optimize their email campaigns and automate follow-up actions based on donor responses. While the full benefits of this new solution are yet to be seen, the advantages of their unified data are undeniable.

    • Company Profile

      The Georgia Red Cross Society (GRCS, National Society) was founded in 1918 and since then the National Society, in line with its mission, has been assisting vulnerable people in coping with the effects of emergencies and socio-economic crises, thus protecting human life and dignity. The GRCS acts as a voluntary, humanitarian and independent organization with an auxiliary role to the public authorities in the humanitarian field.

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