SalesTrip is the only expense management and business travel solution built natively on the Salesforce® platform. By managing expenses alongside customer and revenue data in Salesforce, submitting claims is quick for employees and reconciling them automatic for finance. Not only does this reduce the time from submission to reimbursement, but company leaders also benefit from understanding the ROI behind all spend.

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4 reasons why you should consider managing your expense on your Salesforce platform

  • You are a company whose employees normally file expenses, travel for business or both;

  • You need to digitally capture, track and manage expenses quickly, not drown in admin;

  • You need to quickly book suitable travel and accommodation for employees;

  • You need to provide a real-time view of your employees' travel and expense spend to measure ROI.

We are proud to be a SalesTrip partner and help companies streamline their expense management and travel bookings within Salesforce.

Will Lamb, Managing Director UKI

VRP has a breadth of experience across all Salesforce clouds and industries, making them a great partner for any organisation. Whether you need a stock implementation, tailored solution or support, VRP can help.

Manoj Ganapathy, CEO

Have you considered managing your employees’ expenses in your Salesforce platform?

Intuitive and easy to use

Let your staff focus on their job instead of expense and travel admin thanks to the SalesTrip app. Submit expenses and book travel against sales opportunities, customer accounts, projects and more.

Forecast and budget spend

Track all expense submissions, see their status and measure ROI in your Salesforce platform. Let company leaders see the overview of team spend while finance and management get instant reports and dashboards.

Expense management & forward billing

Have full-visibility into the ROI of every travel expense by associating spend to opportunities, accounts, projects and more. Use automated processes to concentrate on revenue generating work and eliminate manual processing errors.

AI-powered trip search

SalesTrip's travel booking system uses the data in your Salesforce platform and AI intelligence as it searches through a broad range of travel options including flights, hotels, trains and car hire. Your employees can then select from a curated list of relevant options.

Instant travel management

Keep track of all your travel arrangements in one place thanks to SalesTrip's mobile app. Sales reps can focus on the deal and not worrying about their travel details with their trip itinerary and booking reference details instantly at hand.

Travel support

Take the stress out of travel even when hotels need changing or unexpected disruptions occur. SalesTrip's travel support will help you take action and make suitable arrangements to keep your staff comfortable and safe.

Audit and compliance

Automatically detect fraud through expense duplication, policy non-compliance and invalid claims so that you’re auditing expenses before reimbursement. SalesTrip has policy controls and audit trails to help you stay compliant with regulators.

Back-office integrations

Instead of entering the same data into multiple systems, SalesTrip integrates with a range of business critical, back-office applications including accounting, PSA and billing. When combined with automations and workflows, the whole expense management process from application to reimbursement is accelerated.

Dynamic travel policy

SalesTrip's dynamic travel policy ensures you’re focusing on the value of business travel, not simply the cost. Employees shouldn’t have to decode a static document, instead, they see how much travel could contribute to revenues and whether it’s necessary or not.

SalesTrip Solutions

Expense Management

Whether you’re incurring or managing expense claims, SalesTrip's expense management solution streamlines the full end-to-end process and provides transparency into all spend.

Travel Management

Let your staff focus on business and not worry about their travel arrangements. SalesTrip's travel management solution helps you book travel, react to disruptions, stay on top of your trip itinerary and ensure traveler safety.

Which service do you need?

No matter what stage of your SalesTrip and Salesforce journey, we have a solution for you.

  • Consulting

    Get the most out of your Salesforce and SalesTrip investments. Our consultants, architects, and developers can analyze your setup, identify your technical and business needs and then design a solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Implementation

    If you are looking to deploy your first SalesTrip, Salesforce or both solutions, our team of expert consultants and developers can help you realize your goals. We have helped global teams work more effectively without worrying about their expenses.
  • Development

    Adapt your Salesforce and SalesTrip solutions to meet your particular needs. Our team knows how to tailor your stock solution into one that works for you, not against you. If there's an aspect that isn't matched to your business processes, we can develop a new solution that is.
  • Managed Services

    You can fully focus on your business and leave the management of your platform to us. With flexible monthly hours including roll-over hours, you can have an expert team on hand to provide ongoing support, pro-actively adapting your solution to enhance new features.
Which service do you need - Managed Services

VRP Consulting & Salestrip: a perfect partnership

Over 60 years’ experience in spend management and business travel
12+ years of Salesforce expertise
Combined 18 offices in 13 countries
750+ Salesforce experts

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