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What is CallHive?

CallHive is a call centre application which allows companies to provide an intuitive telephony experience, engaging with customers through personalised and rapid responses to their queries.

What can you do with CallHive?

CallHive provides Interactive Voice Response, which acts as a triage and routes customer calls to the right areas of the business faster. The agents responding to the call can personalise the conversation, as they have a complete picture of the customer and their needs.

By integrating with Salesforce® Service and Sales Cloud, our web based software enables the company to register every client’s call, track & action calls, convert missed calls to tasks, and generate call statistics reports, thereby supporting services and sales teams and identifying new opportunities.

CallHive Benefits

Customer engagement

CallHive builds customer confidence as they engage with your business.

  • Flexible voice menu in multiple languages
  • Triggered call routing to immediate action
  • Voicemail
  • Automatic follow up task setting
  • Multi-channel communication options

360o Customer view

By integration with Salesforce Service and Sales Cloud a full picture of customer interactions is readily accessible.

  • Call logs & transcripts
  • Previous tickets
  • Cases
  • Events

Agent productivity

The intuitive Agent interface organises sales and services team responsibilities based on triggered call tasks.

  • Agent Scripting
  • Intelligent Agent ACD
  • Call-Back Queues
  • Live dashboards
  • Ticketing System

Departmental efficiency

Management gains insights into call centre performance through consolidated reporting in real time.

  • Calls statistics: received, answered, cancelled, duration, quality
  • Operator status and performance (recording/listening)
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Detailed breakdowns of call centre

Einstein for CallHive

Customer journeys can be further improved using AI tools such as:

  • Embedded interactive and hint scripts
  • Voice recognition
  • Advanced analytics: call transcription, successful call points, best practices
  • Mobile App calls logged in Salesforce

CallHive Features

What are your options?

Learn more by requesting a demo. If you are taking your first steps with Salesforce, or evolving your existing platform, Call Hive is a complete call centre application which improves customer engagement and agent productivity.

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