Financial Services

In increasingly turbulent times, with a disruptive economy, regulators and competition, financial services need to exceed customer expectations and deliver new operating models & revenue sources. From the first cent to the millionth dollar invested, your Salesforce® platform can give you business critical insights and manage more complex financial challenges while keeping your safe, safe.

Financial Services challenges

Understanding financial journeys

Knowing what stage customers are in their life journey and match a financial product accordingly. Segmenting groups of customers to provide relevant information on investment options using the communication channels customers prefer.

Data security & compliance

Customers and partners place high-levels of trust in your company to maintain their sensitive data. Keeping your client's trust and staying compliant with regulatory requirements and requires a robust infrastructure, with constant development to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Disconnected data & departments

Navigating between multiple systems to capture personalised data takes time. Running reports to recognise revenue generation opportunities becomes more complex due to inconsistent data.

Industry Solutions

360 degree customer view

Empower your staff to give highly personalised advice in a timely manner across communication channels, by truly understanding your customers through integration with Einstein® analytics. Track and share interactions to effectively manage the support and sales processes.

Staff management & compliance

Ensure compliance with financial service regulators to provide accurate staff certifications and individual statuses. Generate governance and regulatory maps on demand and link employee records to eLearning tracking.

Unified data

Automatically collect customer data from multiple sources to improve data quality and reduce human error. API integration facilitates insights into detailed records, as well as high-level report generation for sales forecasting.

Personalised marketing automation

Create more effective and tailored marketing campaigns based on data. Use customer journeys to segment audiences based on their interactions and deliver relevant financial product offers using marketing tools such as Pardot®.

On demand training and eLearning with Appinium

Based on compliance requirements, create, deliver and report on company-wide eLearning programmes. Ascertain and optimise future training and development to achieve company and employee objectives. Monitor and develop individual progress reports to use in discussions for the annual performance appraisal.

Integrated accounting solutions

Financial and general ledger data reduce the risk of inaccurate billing, maintaining a high-level of trust and customer satisfaction. We have partnered with Salesforce accounting & general ledger solution providers to offer clients simple to use, integrated accounting tools.

What are your options?

If you are taking your first steps with Salesforce®, evolving your existing platform or developing one-of-a-kind applications to disrupt your market, our experts can match your business needs with our full-cycle development and support.

Customer success stories

VRP Consulting

We are a global full-service Salesforce® consulting, development and outsourcing partner delivering across the entire Salesforce platform.
  • 1000+

    successful projects

    Our over 350 clients have received more than 1000 successful projects, rating them on 4.8 out of 5.
  • 500+

    salesforce experts

    You can access our talent pool of Salesforce Certified Administrators, Service & Sales Consultants and Developers to meet your business needs.
  • 21+

    years in operation

    We are experienced Salesforce Gold Consulting Partners and Specialist Navigators. Our Staff constantly building on their knowledge with training and innovative projects.
  • 13

    offices in 8 countries

    Local client-facing teams in EU, UK, Canada & USA coupled with our 4 development centres across Belarus and Poland provide the right blend of quality and cost.

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