Goldfinch Cloud Solution

  • GoldFinch Cloud Solutions is a manufacturing and distribution ERP, built entirely on the Salesforce Platform. GoldFinch specialises in consumer goods, food and beverage sectors and empowers companies to track inventory, manage accounting, ensure compliance and develop client relationships. Run your entire business from one comprehensive, secure, real-time digital platform.

Food and Beverage manufacturers face many challenges

  • Delivering new products to capitalise on short and long-term food trends such as plant-based products
  • Maintaining high-quality products and compliance with food regulators
  • Moving to e-Commerce and direct-to-consumer delivery models
  • Managing complex and dynamic supply chains that require agile responses
  • Leveraging transformative technology that can optimise efficiencies and drive profits
  • Analysing mass data sets to identify business insights and guide decision making

Cosmetics and Consumer Packaged Goods companies can leverage industry solutions

  • Indie brands can have an affordable, extensible, scalable platform at a fraction of other cloud ERPs
  • Virtual warehousing makes logistics tracking with 3rd party manufacturers easy
  • Superior Supply and Demand planning applications are available
  • B2C eCommerce can be driven through a Shopify Integration
  • B2B commerce will be driven by EDI and warehouse integration

Have you ever considered running your manufacturing and distribution within one Salesforce platform?

All these challenges and more can be solved by GoldFinch Cloud Solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Streamlined Supply Chain Management

Connect your supply chains to provide seamless fulfilment based on real-time inventory and sales forecasting. GoldFinch provides tools for improved compliance, automated deduction management, lot traceability, inventory management and shipping control so you can track every part of the process.

Complex Data Analysis

Discover business insights by analysing mass data sets. With a single source of truth and the power of Einstein you can find important connections between seemingly disconnected data sets, clearly displayed in visual dashboards. Use these insights to create compelling proposals, attract new clients and expand existing business relationships for real-time, data-driven decision making.

Promotional Calendar & Deductions Management

Drive growth and profitability through promotional and shelf-placement strategies aligned with retailers and distributors. Effectively manage & validate Distributor & Retailer claims for promotional payments & shipment compliance deductions. GoldFinch enables users to create promotion campaigns drawn from data insights gleaned from your CRM's data and track performance for future campaigns.

Real Time Integration with eCommerce solutions

Connect your solution with eCommerce platforms including Shopify and WooComerce. With bidirectional data flow, you can simplify ordering while keeping inventory and orders aligned, streamlining business growth across multiple distribution channels.

Product Recall Protocols

Manage every step in a product recall from the security of your GoldFinch solution. Follow pre-defined workflows with tools to manage tasks, contact relevant customers, vendors and government agencies and generate documentation, ensuring a quick response with every issue addressed.

SQF & GFSI Compliance

GoldFinch provides solutions to address many of the data & process elements that are part of an SQF audit and GFSI initiatives. GoldFinch aids in the creation and management of documentation to support your process while under audit to secure certification.

Sales Automation

Streamline the sales processes to deliver customer satisfying experiences that improve relationship management and automate processes to accelerate sales, delighting customers even during unexpected high demand.

Marketing Automation

Deliver personalised communications at scale. Combine your GoldFinch solution with Marketing Cloud® or Pardot® to provide complex customer journeys that speak to each travellers heart. Rapidly respond and inform customers of itinerary changes, event info, travel delays and delay repay.

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