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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry can be a complicated one, and if you want to be competitive, then you need to do things that will give you the upper hand. Salesforce for the manufacturing industry is something that can help you accomplish that.

With this type of system working within your business, you can do so many more things that can help you propel your business forward. Some examples of things that you can accomplish include being able to upsell and cross-sell your current customers, generating more leads, and creating a personalized experience for all of your customers. These are just a few of the ways that Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting can help you grow your business in the manufacturing industry.

Accelerate Your Potential Sales
One of the most difficult parts of a business in the manufacturing industry is generating sales. It is something that you need to do in order to keep your business alive and prospering. On your own, it can feel like a relentless grind to the finish line with each and every potential customer. However, with Salesforce, a lot of what you are doing is automated, and you do not have to spend as much time on the smaller things, and you can spend more time actually closing the sale. These are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy with Salesforce Clouds implemented by VRP Consulting:
  • Have a complete view of your current customers, what they like, and what they tend to purchase from you.
  • Use the available data to upsell and cross-sell them on products or services that will help them become more successful based on what they are currently getting from you.
  • Quickly determine the right solution for every customer in record time so you can be the first to provide it to them and will be more likely to make the sale.
  • Simplify your current processes that are complex and cumbersome.
Provide Personalized Service to All of Your Customers
At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you provide the best service to your customers so that they are happy and satisfied with your business relationship. That can be very difficult for many businesses within the manufacturing industry simply because they do not have the capabilities of quickly analyzing information or even personalizing the services provided. Your customers will feel like they are genuinely valued when you take this extra step to ensure that they are cared for and that their needs are taken into consideration. Salesforce Cloud Solutions by VRP Consulting can help you accomplish this in a variety of ways:
  • Incorporate instant access to your customers through online portals with all of their history and information stored, including any contracts that you have on file with them.
  • Provide them with a preferred line of communication, so they can reach you directly instead of going through the regular channels that potential customers may go through.
  • Provide customers with access to innovative apps so they can do more with your products.
Help Your Employees Be More Successful
With the right tools in place, your employees can do even more than ever before. With all of the tools and data right at their fingertips, they can provide even better customer service and sell more for your company using these benefits:
  • Allow employees to see customer profiles so they can easily upsell and cross-sell products while also troubleshooting any issues in real time.
  • Encourage collaboration between your customers and your employees due to more visibility and access to accounts.
  • Provide your team with the tools to effectively do more for your company time after time.
Get Our Personal Assistance
VRP Consulting ready to share our expertise in the Manufacturing industry with your organization in order to:
  • Can assist you in gathering all necessary information about your clients
  • Track what is being said about the company itself
  • Monitor relevant keywords so that they can identify when an opportunity exists
  • Seamlessly collaborate across multiple departments to provide excellence in customer service and raise productivity

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the hard work over the past 6 months on some major projects with social media companies in the recruiting space. We have asked for an incredible amount of work to be done in a short time frame with what seemed to be a moving target at times. Our management team truly appreciates it and we thoroughly enjoy working with you guys."

Brian Peddle
VP Development & Technology, Jobscience
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