• OwnBackup is the #1 data backup, archiving, and data transfer app on the Salesforce® AppExchange. Their solutions help over 3,000 customers avoid data loss and boost productivity through faster data recovery, increased performance and accelerated development.
      • 4 reasons why you should consider protecting your Salesforce Data with OwnBackup

        • You have mission critical data & metadata that you can't afford to lose or waste time waiting to restore;
        • You want to accelerate development and testing while protecting sensitive data;
        • You want to boost your Salesforce performance while keeping quick access to legacy data;
        • You are required to protect the data held within your Salesforce platform.
      • “OwnBackup are the go to Salesforce backup and recovery solution for a reason. Their easy to use platform ensures our clients data is safe and should the worst happen, data can be recovered quickly with minimal business impact. We are proud to recommend them to our clients.”
        Charlotte Buton, Alliances Manager
      • “VRP's expertise and experience across industries and Salesforce Clouds is evident in every joint project we work on. We are delighted to recommend them for implementation, consulting and support.”
        Devinder Chauhan, Senior Director EMEA Alliances

Businesses face many

  • Human errors resulting in data loss
  • Returning to a business-as-usual state quickly after data loss
  • Bad code or integration causing data errors and loss
  • Ransomware and cyber attacks
  • Legacy data required for data compliance that slows down platforms and users
  • Providing realistic data sets to development teams while protecting user privacy
  • Seed sandboxes with accurate data and keep pace with agile development and testing
  • Keeping compliant with data regulations including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SEC17a-4, and more

Have you considered protecting & managing your Salesforce data with OwnBackup solutions?

Secure, automated backups

Run automated backups at the schedule you set as well as on-demand backups when needed. You can fine-tune your backups to each Salesforce Sandbox, Salesoforce Org and even set high-frequency updates for transactional data.

Unified data management

Get a centralized hub to manage your data across Salesforce Orgs, Salesforce Sandboxes, backups and archives. Management tools allow you to control backups and seeding with simple rules as well as monitor data across multiple Salesforce Orgs.

Rapid, stress-free recovery

Restore your data in minutes not days with the intuitive OwnBackup interface and streamlined recovery process. Isolate data sets and restore only the affected data so you're back and running in no time.

Proactive data monitoring

Receive instant notifications for abnormal activity so you can correct errors before they are felt. Set smart triggers to fire for specific data sets, unusual modifications or high levels of activity.

Data Transfer

Transfer data between Salesforce Orgs with filtered, high-quality data sets to accelerate development & testing. Create reusable templates that provide the exact data you need and auto-update to match needs over time.

Sandbox Refresh

Refresh Salesforce Sandboxes on your schedule. Update with data matching your templates whether requirements stay the same or change, you can keep your development and testing Sandboxes in perfect order.

Archive Salesforce Data

Keep your Salesforce Org performant and cost-effective by archiving legacy data. Use rules to migrate data out of your main Salesforce platform while keeping it accessible, ensuring compliance.

Data regulation compliance

Every OwnBackup solution has built-in features to help you remain compliant with the relevant regulators and protect sensitive data. Built-in features like data subject requests and anonymization streamline compliance.

OwnBackup Solutions

Backup & Recovery

Protect your Salesforce data and Metadata with a comprehensive and automatic backup solution with rapid recovery.

Sandbox Seeding

Propegate Salesforce Sandboxes with anonymized, rich, structured data sets for faster innovation and ideal testing.

Data Archiver

Preserve data and boost Salesforce performance inline with your compliance requirements. Access archives when you need them.

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