Bring Salesforce dashboards to a whole new level.

What is AnalyticsX?

AnalyticsX is a free Salesforce AppExchange app that enables users to turn standard Salesforce reports into new custom dashboards using creative design tools. AnalyticsX provides real-time insights through live updates and regular report distribution to key stakeholders through email subscriptions.

What can you do with AnalyticsX?

AnalyticsX makes it easy for users to display data in custom dashboards using visualization tools. Managers can use these designs to create more engaging reports and presentations.
Department heads gain key insights through pre-set live updates to monitor actual performance and make proactive adjustments to improve departmental efficiency.
AnalyticsX facilitates data sharing via dashboards to key stakeholders and team members through daily, weekly, or monthly email subscription services.

Benefits of AnalyticsX

Empowered users

Users can create custom dashboards and capture attention in reports and presentations.

  • Easy to use design tool
  • Control over the look and feel of data
  • Ability to share new dashboards

Departmental efficiency

Management gain insights to optimize service and sale team performance.

  • Live refresh of dashboards and visualizations
  • Time stamp selection
  • Multiple reports in one dashboard

Automatic dashboard distribution

Drive team collaboration through intelligent data sharing.

  • Share with key users and managers
  • Convey information fast and effectively
  • Subscribe for daily, weekly, and monthly updates

AnalyticsX features

What are your options?

Download today or learn more by requesting a demo. If you are looking to upgrade your dashboards, gain real-time insights, and automate data sharing, AnalyticsX will transform the way in which you visualize and distribute data.

What are your options

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