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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Retail Industry

Technology is ever-increasing in our world. This is something that not only impacts our personal lives, but it also impacts many different types of businesses. The retail industry is no exception, and Salesforce is a great tool for businesses in this space to utilize.

If you are looking for a way to stay competitive in the market and stand out from your competitors, then Salesforce is a great tool to add to your wheelhouse. By using Salesforce through VRP, you can do a variety of different things: ensure that your customers get the information that they are looking for and that every experience is a unique one, and overall improve the customer experience. Salesforce is something that can make a massive impact on your business, which is why we make an effort to showcase it so much. These are just a few ways that VRP Consulting can help by providing Salesforce Solutions:

Improve and Increase Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty is what can make or break a company in the long run. Customer loyalty can help to sustain your retail business for years to come. Loyalty is what happens when you convince a customer that your products or items are the only ones that they want. They will choose your company every time over any others in the market, and you will have more long-term success when you make more of your customers loyal to your brand. These are some of the ways Salesforce implemented by VRP Consulting can assist:
  • Keep track of purchases by your customers and then sending targeted emails for sales based on their purchases.
  • Allow you to develop targeted campaigns based on their purchases.
  • Allow them to create their own profiles with their favorite items and sending emails that are personalized with these items and if they are on sale.
  • Scale interactions across multiple channels including email, Facebook, online, digital advertising, and various other social websites.
Convert Shoppers Into Buyers Faster
One of the most frustrating things about the retail industry is that there are many shoppers who do not buy anything. Whether you have a storefront presence or just an online presence, if you could convert those shoppers into buyers faster, then you could enjoy much more success. With Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting, you can do this faster with these benefits:
  • Boost sales by providing incentives for items that your customers are already interested in, using data collected from accounts and social media.
  • Stock more of the items that are in demand by tracking what is selling faster than other items.
Reinvent Your Store
If you really want to stand out from your competitors, you need to make the experience in-store even more impressive and exciting. You can do this by creating a more digital experience, which is something that many shoppers are craving today anyway. Not only can you make it more digital, but you also can make it more personalized in this way. By doing this, you can make your store more effective at its purpose, you can increase the conversion for purchases, and make it a more innovative experience overall for your customers.
These are just a few ways that Salesforce can assist with this component:
  • Incorporate customer intelligence into the digital displays in your store that can direct customers where they want to be.
  • Create a personalized shopping experience that can help customers find what they want more quickly and result in a better experience.
  • Gather varying information based on purchases and other analytics that can assist in business decisions in real time.
  • Allow you to innovate faster and hone in on what the customer really wants from your retail store.

Over the past two years, we’ve come to regard VRP as a critical part of our development team. We've had to integrate hardware, mobile phone software, wireless networks and a web application into a seamless solution for our customers. VRP definitely understands the complexities of such a solution."

Eric J. Bowden
COO, Safe Driving Systems
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