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Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2020: the road to success

VRP recently won the global Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2020 in the Manufacturing & Energy sector for our work with Rolls-Royce on the Yocova platform. Yocova is transforming aviation by providing data exchange, collaboration and a marketplace helping airlines & manufacturers to solve business challenges such as safely returning fleets to the air.

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VRP helps navigate the future of the recruitment industry

This year is definitely a year to remember. The unprecedented impact of the pandemic is forcing every industry to redefine their way of working. Particularly, in the recruitment sector, both in terms of staffing companies and corporate recruitment departments.

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VRP provides retail analytics to make better decisions

After the rigid lockdowns around the world, retail businesses are at a crossroads. They can either go back to old operating models and hope they will work with the “new normal”. Or they can evaluate the new market reality and make pivotal decisions about their strategy leading to new avenues for growth.

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Behind the scenes of a groundbreaking Salesforce project

VRP Consulting has been working with Rolls-Royce on the Yocova platform for the last 18 months. Our cross-functional hybrid team of local UK-based and near-shore Belarus-based resources has been instrumental in ideation, design, architecture and delivery of the groundbreaking Salesforce platform so far, working closely with Rolls-Royce and their partners.

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Cutting Down App Development Costs With the Salesforce Application Architect

Being billed for Salesforce licenses that you actually do not need? Endlessly investing money in additional data storage space and your Salesforce instance keeps turning into a big money pit? Many of the biggest roadblocks organizations hit when building a Salesforce app are not related to the Salesforce technology at all...

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