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How to drive customer service with a Service Cloud QuickStart in Salesforce

Mateusz Twarozek, a VRP Consulting QuickStart expert, explains how a Service Cloud QuickStart can quickly and cost-effectively unlock the power of Salesforce Service Cloud.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud news: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and more

What’s the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud news? VRP Consulting’s Marketing Cloud Practice Director, Anastasiya Vinogradova, discusses Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and more.

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4 signs you need a new Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Partner

Why do businesses switch to a new Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Partner? Find out in an article from VRP Consulting’s B2C Commerce Cloud Practice Lead, Martin Shoylev.

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Jun 14, 2022  • 
3 reasons why Slack and Salesforce integration is the future of work

Salesforce spent $27.7 billion to acquire Slack for a reason. It believes Slack and Salesforce is the future of work and we agree. Here’s why.

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Don’t neglect Salesforce post-implementation administration

Why shouldn’t you underestimate the importance of administration after implementing Salesforce? Bruno Pimenta, VRP Director of Managed Services, explains.

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May 30, 2022  • 
Top 5 most exciting highlights of the Salesforce Summer 2022 Release Notes

What’s been unveiled in the Salesforce Summer 2022 release notes? Which features have the most potential? Our Head of Architecture, Mark Hartnady, reveals all.

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Making a bigger difference with a Salesforce Nonprofit QuickStart

There is now a faster and more cost-effective way for charities and other nonprofits to transform their work and maximize the impact they make. VRP Consulting’s Salesforce Nonprofit QuickStart specialist Mateusz Twarozek explains all.

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Uniting every team around your customers with Customer 360

You can deliver amazing customer services by uniting every team around your customer with Salesforce's Customer 360.

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May 10, 2022  • 
Making the most of third-party apps on Salesforce

How can organizations ensure success with their third-party apps on Salesforce? our Director of Managed Services, Bruno Pimenta, explains.

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What is a headless Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud and is it right for you?

Headless eCommerce is growing and Salesforce has its own offering with B2C Commerce Cloud and the PWA kit, but is it right for your business?

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Apr 20, 2022  • 
What’s next in Salesforce® automation? Flow Orchestrator and more…

After Process Builder and Flow Builder, what’s the future for Salesforce automaton? Rebecca Heald, our Solution Architect, explores Flow Orchestrator and more.

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Mar 4, 2022  • 
Supercharge your sales with Salesforce Sales Cloud Quickstart

With a Salesforce Sales Cloud QuickStart from VRP Consulting, you can dramatically improve your sales performance. Explore these use cases to learn more.

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