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Salesforce + Google Analytics 360: Getting a Granular View of the Customer Journey

Since Salesforce doesn't come equipped with out-of-the-box analytics functionality, the Integration of Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds with Google Analytics 360 seems to have drastically changed the game in this regard...

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Salesforce Lightning Adoption: Getting Ready for the Big Leap

With Salesforce platform evolving by leaps and bounds, onу may have a hard time keeping abreast of what is going on in the Salesforce landscape and all those continuous innovations, new products and technologies Salesforce decision-makers are offering in droves...

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The Digital Transformation Journey of Procurement – One Prediction?

While digital transformation remains a top priority for C-level executives, it is increasingly becoming a top priority for all lines of business, like procurement, as well...

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Top 6 Trends From Technology for Marketing That Will Dominate in 2018

Technology is a field and an industry that is taking off. Because of this, there are a lot of things within the industry that are trending, and several of them are directly impacting the marketing industry...

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What Digital Transformation Is Actually About

After I published an article about what Digital Transformation is NOT, a lot of people told me that I am now obliged to explain what it actually is. Over the last few years, I have tried a lot of different definitions, but, I have to admit, with little success...

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DATA, the life’s blood of Digital Economy

One of the most critical uses of information for an enterprise is its capacity to provide in-depth knowledge or the insight necessary to make decisions...

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What Digital Transformation Is Not About

There is a lot of misconception about the term “digital transformation”. Since it has become a buzzword, everything that looks from afar to be “digital” is sold under that label. I won’t go into details about what digital transformation actually is. There is enough material out there...

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What is blockchain? Why is it needed? How is it connected to IoT?

Everybody appears to be speaking about a new buzzword – blockchain. You’ll come across it everywhere on the internet! What is blockchain? Why is it needed? How is it connected to IoT? To understand what blockchain is, we should first figure out another catchword – bitcoin...

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Being Human in the age of Digital

Have you seen dogs chasing speeding cars? When their prey drive instincts kick in, anything moving fast becomes their prey, trying to get away from them. They start chasing them with all might, as if their whole life was at stake...

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How to Attract Salespeople to Use Salesforce

For people who are in the sales industry, performance is what pays the bills. This is especially true for people who are paid based on commission. Because of this, if anyone is going to be successful in this field, then they need to be able to perform well under pressure and perform well consistently...

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Digital transformation – a brave new world?

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about Digital Transformation, with a number of people pushing the need to innovate and transform. As technology becomes more and more embedded in business life, digital transformation becomes more and more inevitable...

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