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VRP Expertise With Salesforce
for Media & Advertising

In the media and advertising industry, it is extremely important to ensure that you do everything you can to maximize your current advertising efforts. You need to have the right kinds of technology in your corner in order to accomplish this.

If you do not make the most of your efforts, you will not see your business or your customers' businesses grow. Salesforce is the right kind of technology to have in your corner. These are just a few ways you can utilize Salesforce Solutions by VRP Consulting in your business in the media & advertising industry.

Better Connect With Your Customers
In this industry, it is all about using your resources and connecting in as many ways as you can. Salesforce can bring all of this together for you in one location so that you can easily do this. Not only that, the technology can make your connections even more impactful by:
  • Allowing you to analyze your mobile, social and cloud analytics so you can easily connect with everyone.
  • Helping your employees develop stronger relationships by using this information to better connect.
  • Ensuring that your employees and customers can connect on the go, wherever they are and whenever they want to.
Give More Customized Content
It is not only important to deliver content to your customers, but it is also important to deliver the right kinds of content. You want content that will trigger a response, whether it is a comment or a share on their own page. Salesforce Cloud Solutions implemented by VRP Consulting can help you do that by:
  • Helping you learn about what your customers are interested in and what they consider to be engaging.
  • Prompting you to deliver content on a regular basis so you can continue to be engaging.
  • Attract even more customers because you are able to deliver the best content available to them and that they are looking for.
Create a More Sustainable and Attractive Culture
Culture is a hot topic these days, and it is important to have a great one, not only for your employees but also for your customers. Employees look for the great places to work that have these amazing cultures, and you can attract better employees with this on your side. On the other hand, customers look for companies with great culture, so they can do business with an organization that they believe in and that they feel comfortable with. This is a major component that you should always be looking at and trying to improve.
VRP Consulting can help you accomplish this by:
  • Working to help you develop those strong relationships with your customers and clients through things like mobile apps and even tools to help them browse your content, manage their subscriptions, and even update their profiles.
  • Enabling your employees to work better together by allowing everyone to track the progress of a project, provide feedback and even collaborate on more of their work.
  • Providing these tools on the go so the work doesn't stop when they leave the office during work hours.

VRP has been a great partner. VRP has combined their Salesforce CRM Apex architecture and engineering expertise with our offerings to deliver extraordinary value to our clients. We have relied on them to assist us with proof of concepts that have resulted in driving sales and new client acquisition. In addition, they have a good channel for marketing of our core Demand Generation and Partner Relationship Management products."

Erich Flynn
President, TreeHouse Interactive
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