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The Challenge

Welk Resorts were only using some of the capabilities within Marketing Cloud. Their marketing tools consisted of disparate systems, such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and other third-party business insights tools. Having looked through additional features they became aware of the options available through integration.

The Wish

The marketing team wished for extended features such as insightful data and the ability to effectively target segmented clients, through personalized messages in email campaigns to upsell and cross sell.

The Solution

Welk Resorts asked VRP Consulting to review their Marketing Cloud implementation and provide seamless integration to their other tools, identifying any additional features that would be beneficial for their marketing team. The VRP team planned a two-stage release.

The Stages

The first focused on properly integrating Welk Resorts data sources and adding AMPscripts for more personalised email marketing. The second stage turned their marketing system into a multi-channel messaging solution by adding Mobile Studio (SMS and MMS functionality) and Advertiser Studio (target online advertising platforms, including Facebook and Google ads).

During this process, VRP Consultants also guided the Welk Resorts team through Journey Builder, which they had added with some complex customer journeys in place.

When combined with Einstein AI and a series of custom reports, the Welk Resort team are now able to let the Salesforce AI make decisions on what path a customer should take based on their profile. These enhancements provide a more effective customer journey, by combining multi-channel marketing campaigns across email, SMS and targeted online ads. Essentially, they can now send a series of personalised and targeted messages customers via the appropriate channel that customer best responds to.

The Result

Welk Resorts now has a fully integrated multi-channel marketing platform. Where previously they were limited to a few simple customer journeys with very limited personalised emails, they now have the ability to personalize targeted messages across all client segments and channels, with adaptive response messages as required.

About Welk Resorts

Founded back in 1964 as a hospitality company, Welk Resorts eventually morphed into the global leader in the vacation ownership and hospitality industry. Today it is known as a giant timeshare company operating six luxury vacation ownership properties featuring over 1,200 accommodations in San Diego, Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe in California, Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja, Mexico, Branson, MO, and now Breckenridge.

PLATFORMMarketing Cloud
Sales Cloud
BUSINESS USETransform Welk Resorts marketing system to a new personalised, multi-channel solution
INDUSTRYTravel, Tourism and Hospitality

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