Salesforce® Custom
Development Services

VRP Consulting makes it easy to fully customize your Salesforce solution.


There is a huge number of factors which have an impact on internal and external business processes. In some cases, standard Salesforce solutions are not able to meet business and technology requirements. That’s why VRP Consulting here to help you transform your platform and increase the productivity of your business.
Data and access management
Do you have plenty of roles and a variety of access levels to information and processes in your company? We make access to these processes as fast and secure as possible. We build processes based on roles, not on persons.
Reports and Dashboards
Very often there is a challenge to get data or statistics in the format required, you use different attribution models and data recording. We can help you realise any report format and any kind of data visualization, consolidate digital and written reports streams.
Salesforce Configuration
We identify your needs and correlate them with the available capabilities of the Salesforce platform and afterwards we configure it for the challenges of your business as much as possible.
User Interface
We make interfaces informative, user-friendly and responsive for all types of devices. It allows you to visualize and structure all kinds of information and functionality, and thus to speed up data processing.
Marketing services
We automate and customize all steps of the sales funnel and communication with current and prospect customers. It allows you to get more detailed information and statistics on your marketing interactions.
Process automation
With us you’ll have no need to adapt to the existing processes in Salesforce, we’ll make Salesforce solution tailored exactly to your needs.
Console apps
We adapt UI application to different types of roles in your company - it is a SuperView of the whole environment on a single screen.
Integration issues
Integration with any external (third-party) service or existing application to transfer data into Salesforce and vice versa. On-premise services and any external (third-party) services.


It’s much more than just writing Apex Code. We consider every task as a valuable component for your business. We always strive to offer you the best solution from the point of our experience and expertise.

  • Better business performance
  • Easy data updates
  • Superior ROI
  • Focus on innovation and business
  • Easy collaboration


  • - Analysis of business needs and demands
  • - Determination of business processes
  • - Defining architecture errors, security vulnerabilities and potential limitation risks
  • - System architecture optimization plan
  • - Scanning the application for architecture defects
  • - Security system analysis
  • - License management
  • - Third-party solutions compatibility
  • - Seamless integration into your existing workflow
  • - Sprint planning
  • - Product re-evaluation after every sprint
  • - Modifications & molding the perfect software for your business
  • - Fast assistance
  • - Guaranteed resources
  • - Consistent workflow
  • - Proactive approach

For optimal results, we normally offer a team consisting of Developers, a QA Expert, a Technical Architect and a Project Manager.